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My name is Elena Asher, I am the founder of eyelash company LashMakers. We’ve been in this beautiful business for a little over a decade. LashMakers was never about lashes though, it was always about financial freedom for women through beauty industry – it’s about money really.

 I must say we do pretty well for ourselves, over 2M in annual revenue with 6 people on our team, Forbes, key speaker in most of the biggest conferences worldwide, product line selling to 57 countries…*taps herself on the back. But how?.. To me, working on the financial side of what we do is the same as working on getting better in doing lashes (or brows, or hair..). Because the truth is, even if you are the best in the world in doing lashes but you don’t understand the business part of it, the marketing, social media, communication and how money actually works – you still won’t be able to make it a successful business.

 Over the last several years, as I train and mentor other lash artists it always fascinates me to see these women completely transform their businesses into 6/7 figure beauty money machines. I’ve always felt pride and I praise these women on a personal level, always have. Until one day it hit me – for the most part I always discuss the same things with people I get to educate, everyone has the same concerns, worries and struggles. So I teach the same things to them over and over again seeing different levels of success afterwords .. I am not the magic pill, it’s not about me apparently. It’s the information I passed on to them and then it was utilized by them as it was brought to their own business. It’s that simple.

So there’s a system. It has been done many times and was proven to work on real businesses and people. The INFORMATION is the key. Lash Money is me making use out of the trainings I took, books i read, business and mindset workshops I attended, and overall personal experience up until now in this industry. This is not a guide to problems-free business life but you can take it as a big tool box you can use to navigate better, manage with more clarity, take a hit and get back up again as you go through this journey in beauty industry. The tools only help if you practice using them, if actually UTILIZING the information you now possess. And as a fellow beauty artist I continue to do just that as my business and mind evolve. Lash Money is not about lashes, it’s about beauty industry in general, money works the same wether it’s lashes, hair, nails, PMU and anything in between. So this is what I’ve got so far .. 10 episodes. 12 hours. 20 days. I give you – Lash Money, an interview concept video book about financial side of beauty industry. Focus, absorb, apply it immediately to your life and business. Enjoy the ride

Lash Money Series
Lash Money Series

Lash Money Series


Lash Money is a 10-episode interview-style series targeting the financial, entrepreneurial, and marketing side not only of the lash industry but of the beauty industry as a whole.

You have 20 days from the time of purchase to watch the series.

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